Sergiu Lucinschi announced in national search by Romanian police

Sergiu Lucinschi, the son of Republic of Moldova's former president was announced in national search by the Romanian police, after he was sentenced to 2 years and four months behind bars for influence peddling and fraud by the Supreme Cessation Court.

According to the DNA, between December 2014 and March 2015, Sergiu Lucinschi, assisted by lawyer Radu Pricop and prosecutor Remus Tudoran Jurj, forced businessman Alexandru Horpoş to give him four million to withdraw a complaint filed with DIICOT, which is the subject of a criminal case, for several offenses, including fraudulent management, writes

Lucinschi promised the businessman that he would take the necessary steps to change the legal framing of all the facts into the fraudulent offense.

Radu Pricop supported Sergiu Lucinschi in his criminal activity by drafting the criminal complaint in 2013 making subject of criminal case and several unlawful solution to remission the sum of four million euros to Lucinschi, between December 2014 and March 2015. 


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