Sergiu Cebotari continues to assault and offend journalists after his release from preventive arrest

The active member of “Dignity and Truth” Party, Sergiu Cebotari, is very aggressive and is insulting the disturbing journalists. Even though he gave promises to divulge scandalous information, the promised information still wasn’t given.

Cebotari proved once again his indecent behavior after the trial in Chisinau Court of Appeal, which has decided his release from preventive arrest.

When asked when he will give the promised information, Sergiu Cebotari started to offend the journalists.

On 29 July 2016, Sergiu Cebotari was detained by the Nisporeni Police Inspectorate officers. On his name were started two penal cases for forced labor and money embezzlement in huge proportions. A few days later, Cebotari was arrested for 30 days. The judges of Court of Appeal have cancelled the decision of the first instance.

According to police, 17 people were victims of Sergiu Cebotari, the prejudice amount being 400,000 lei.

The victims are requesting for Cebotari to be sentenced according to the legislation in force.

The members of “Dignity and Truth” Platform have assaulted the journalists both physically and verbally.

One of these cases is being investigated by the Cimislia Police Inspectorate. It is the assault on the reporter, Vadim Ungureanu, in Cimislia, by the Nastase brothers a month ago.

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