Sergiu Borozan became new chief-architect of Chisinau

Chisinau has a new chief-architect. He is Sergiu Borozan, who will be the interim of the chief-architect of the Chisinau City Hall until the organization of a new public concurs for the position of the chief-architect of Chisinau.

Borozan is replacing Ion Carpov, who had the position of chief of Architecture, Urbanism and Cadastre General Department of the City Hall for the last 3 years.

Sergiu Borozan is architect by profession, lecturer at the Architecture and Urbanism Faculty of the Technical University in Moldova.

According to mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, Sergiu Borozan will continue the projects and priorities started in the last years in the field. The mayor specifically referred to the revitalization of the historical core of Chisinau, through restoration of buildings which are cultural monuments and to the promotion of the drafting and approving detailed urbanistic plans, in order to promote clear rules in the urbanism.

The City Hall specifies that Ion Carpov gave a resignation letter from the position of chief-architect of Chisinau from his own initiative, in connection to his participation in an international construction and architecture project.

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