Serghei Tarnovschi wants to buy apartment in Chisinau

The Olympic Games bronze medalist in Rio de Janeiro, rower Sergei Tarnovschi wants to buy an apartment in Chisinau. For his performance obtained in Brazil, the athlete can receive 2 million lei from the government. The amount is equivalent to almost 90 thousand euro.

Olympic competition immediately after the International Rowing Federation announced that naturalized Moldovan failed the anti-doping test, but the announcement has not yet been made official and no final decision was made regarding the Olympic medal.

"I'm training here, I live here for almost three years. Why would I not get my own home? I permanently stay in Moldova" ,  said rower Sergey Tarnovschi.

After the Olympic Games, the thoughts of the 19-year-old athlete are of rest time.

"We have not decided where I will take exactly, but I think I'll go somewhere where it's warm. It's September and is not too hot. Maybe I will go Greece" , added Sergei Tarnovschi.

Sergei Tarnovschi won the bronze medal on the distance of 1000 meters in simple canoes sample. He is a Ukrainian-born rower, trained at specialized school in Lvov and naturalized in Moldova.

Both him and his brother, Oleg were naturalized by Moldova in 2013.

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