Sergei Buzurnii and Sergiu Iordan are DPM candidates in uninominal constituencies from Balti

Sergei Buzurnii and Sergiu Iordan are the candidates of the Democratic Party of Moldova in the uninominal constituencies in Balti and several localities from Falesti and Singerei district.

Sergei Buzurnii holds the fourth mayoralty of the village of Sadovoe in Balti municipality. He is an agronomist with a rich experience, father of two children and an exemplary family. He says he has decided to run for more involvement in the development of localities.

"I will be able to solve the problems both in Balti and in the villages of Rautel, Parlita, as well as in the village Sadovoe. There are many things to solve: roads, aqueducts and sewage systems", said Sergei Buzurnii, candidate DPM, uninominal constituency no.9.

Lawyer Sergiu Jordan has behind him a rich experience in various state structures, including the State Registration Chamber and the City Hall of Balti. Now he is head of the Territorial Cadastral Service and exerts the third mandate to elect locally in the Balti Municipal Council. 

"Having a job in Balti municipality, I think that the world knows me, that I have never been indifferent, and that I have fought for their wishes. I went to the Council, I took part in different actions to succeed in this thing", said Sergiu Iordan, DPM candidate, uninominal constituency no.10. 

The politician says he will straighten his efforts for people to have a livelihood easier.

"I will ask and I will plead for considerable investments, somewhere around 30 million lei, to be made for this project to close the trolleybike belt on Lesecico Street, so that other citizens can have access we want to open new routes, from Dacia micororaion to Molodovo", said Sergiu Iordan, DPM candidate, uninominal constituency no.10.

Both candidates have already filed papers to register with the electoral councils after they have gathered the necessary number of signatures from supporters.

"There are two very strong candidates, two devoted candidates, two candidates who are inhabitants of Balti municipality, are people the inhabitants know, they know their skills", said Octavian Mahu, the leader of OT DPM Balti.

People think future MPs must be honest.

"Honestly, conscientiously, seriously, able to communicate with people", said a man.

"How should it be... to be able to lead the country, not to be afraid of anyone, the world to have confidence in it", added another man. 

"To be respected by all men, to be firm in his position", said a woman.

"A candidate must defend his social interests and be worthy", another woman added.

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