Serafim Urechean sustains uninominal voting: It’s test for political class

Serafim Urechean, ex-deputy and mayor of the Capital sustains that the passing to the uninominal voting system is necessary. Urechean declared, within the emission “The period on Today”, broadcasted at the TV channel "TVR Moldova" that in the Parliament will accede more responsible people, who won’t hide themselves behind the party lists thanks to the reform.

"It leaves to be criticized by many people. Especially by the party brigadirs. A purification, an asa antion of the political class is possible solely by uninominal voting. I was elected in the first Parliament in through circumscription with uninominal voting."

The passing to uninominal voting system represents a test for the political class. As a result of the deputies’ election in circumscriptions, the positions of parliamentary will be occupied by responsible people, said Urechean.

"Look how many inappropriate persons have acceded into the Parliament till now.- Vai, vai, vai! Every the second is thief, steals, mocks the country, sell the country. Back then, in 91 - 90 in the Parliament acceded much more responsible people than at the present phase. They whether come with the card, whether with the list", specified the ex mayor of the Capital.

If the project will be adopted in the Parliament, Urechean declared that he might propose his application in a circumscription. Several political parties and representatives of the civil society sustained uninominal voting. In the favor of the modification of the Electoral Code pleaded also composer Eugen Doga, singers Zinaida Julea and Iurie Sadovnic, but also sports people, among wchich the judo players Dorin Goțonoaga and Denis Vieru.

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