Seniors Respect Campaign. Edelweiss Foundation continues to help the lonely elderly

A pensioner from Dolna village, Strășeni district has received food and household help everyday from a team of Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation, Edelweiss.

These activities are being carried out within the 'Respect for Seniors' Campaign, which aims to support the elderly. 

After losing her husband and son, Maria Olari lives alone. The old lady confessed that the loneliness had been crushing her.

Edelweiss's foundation team has taken care of her heath and helped her with household chores. Their works are appreciated by the old woman. 

"They bring me food with nice words, pleasure and good will. I feel happy for their caring. "

The 'Respect for Seniors' campaign was launched in May by Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy and the Neoumanist Education Association.

"We are proud of the fact that we can join them. I admit that every time we visit them, we feel wiser, more pleasant with simple people", said Edelweiss Foundation Executive Director, Lidia Cucos.

Within the "Respect for Seniors" campaign, launched by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation, Edelweiss, 40 lonely elders in Straseni district receive food packages and receive home health care.

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