Security worker on the ring. Employer of night club from Capital will fight within KOK Gala

Besides the professional fighters, the KOK Gala from December 9, that will take place in Chisinau will have a security worker among the fighters. It is about Vasile Gurulea who is the employee of a night club from the Capital.
The sportsman from "Thai Stars" will fight against the representative of Champion team, Mina Manoli in a superfight in the category of 75 kilos.

"I remember when my trainer announced us that we should not have conflicts and I am always trying to avoid the conflicts and the street fights", said Vasile Gurulea, K-1 fighter.
"I feel good, I am in a good form! I don't know who is my opponent, I only know his name", said Mina Manoli, k-1 fighter.

The 53 edition of KOK Gala is organized by FEA Association and it will be evolved at the Sala Polivalenta from the Capital. Within the competition there will be 15 fights.

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