SECRET DOCUMENT. Maia Sandu voted to grant emergency BEM loan, convinced by PLDM Finance Minister

Prime Minister Pavel Filip made public the transcript of last meeting of the Government on BEM emergency loan, money that were intended to protect people's savings. The transcript shows that former Finance Minister Anatol Arapu and National Bank Governor, Dragutanu have convinced Maia Sandu to vote.

"I understand that Maia Sandu sued the government for this document, and through this post she can read it and not continue spending money and time on electoral shows. Here are the arguments presented by BNM governor and minister Finance (PLDM)'s arguments that seem to have been sufficiently strong to Madam Minister Maia Sandu (on that time a good listener of PLDM's indications of vote received) since the end of the discussion the vote was unanimous. Related arguments sure can make more pros and cons debates, but also think it's good for public opinion to see what lies behind demagogical speeches of some politicians who boast that opposed but actually voted. You know how it's said "I have an opinion, but I disagree with it" , wrote Prime Minister Filip in a posting on his Facebook page.

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