SECOND day of snowstorm in Moldova. Blizzard SHUTS DOWN most of the country (PHOTO/VIDEO)

(20:30) The next meeting of the Commission for Exceptional Situation will be organized tomorrow, April 22nd. 
(19:50) The Commission for Exceptional Situations has convened in a new session, chaired by Premier Pavel Filip.

The authorities have presented updated information on the process of liquidation of the consequences and the help provided to the citizens in need.

According to the DSE chief, Mihail Harabagiu the situation returns to normal. The support is also provided by the Ministry of Defense with 322 employees and 24 technical units. Over 1,100 employees work in the territory of Chisinau.

Over 700 different calls have been received during the reporting period, and no calls have been left unanswered. In the first half of the day, we focused on unblocking the access to medical institutions. Right now, all medical institutions in Chisinau have access to medical resources.
(18:05) The Chisinau International Airport returned to its normal activity. 
(17:40) Trolleybusses and busses have started to circulate in the Capital. 
(15:30) The Commission for Emergency Situations will gather at a meeting, chaired by PM Pavel Filip, today, April 1st, at 6 p.m. The authorities will update the information on the liquidation of consequences and the help provided to citizen in need.
(14:40) The Ministry of Agriculture has created a working group and has opened a hotline due to abundant snowfall. Authorities assess the damage caused by the weather.
(13:40) A banking account will be opened because there are already several external parteners available to provide help. There is the risk of flooding after the snow will melt. The International Chisinau Airport is closed down. 
"There are several priorities. Citizens security is the main concern. There is the risk of floowing. " , said Pavel Filip after the emergency meeting. 
(13:00) Ruslan Darie, head of Leuseni Customs Service: "We are offering tea and food to all people waiting at the Leuseni customs point"
(12:50) Over 600 localities have been disconneted from electricity. Over 500 people are working on the spot. The most difficult situation is registered in Orhei, Cimislia, Criuleni, Hincesti districts, according to the press officer of Union Fenosa company, Vasile Gribincea.
(12:24) PM Pavel Filip: "It's a tought moment. All services are constantly working. We are in constant contact with our external partners who are available to provide help"
According to Deputy Minister of Minister of Transport, Vitalie Rapcea: "Anti skidding matterial is being scattered on all roudes. 776 tones of anti skiding material and over 300 road workers are on the spot"
(12:12) According to the latest information:
  • over 33 national routes blocked;
  • 80 local routes blocked;
  • 102 cars stuck in the snow;
  • 254 truck involved;
  • over 177 cases of fallen trees on cars in latest 24 hours.
(12:00) Diana Turcanu, press officers of Emergency Situations and Civil Protection Service: " All rescuers and firefighetrs are working on the spot ot the fallen tress in Capital. We aks for citizens to remember the numbers 901, 903 in order for the services to quivkly intervene. Rescuers have intervened in the tranportation of 2 pregnant women to the hospital in Causeni district. Our recomandations to all citizens are to avoid getting out of the housea dn to comply to all measures of security. "  
Iurie Usurelu, Deputy Minister of Agriculture: "The emergency meeting has just ended. The topics has centered on the most affected regions in the country: Leova, Hincesti, Cantemir, Traclia, Comrat, "
(11:50) PM Pavel Filip has convened another emergency meeting on April 21st, at 1 p.m. in order to analyze the evolution of the emasures taken by the authorities.
"The situation in Hincesti town is starting to get better, but I have never seen this my entire life. The snow is getting to the level of one meter" , says mayor of Hancesti town. 
(11:30)  The whole country is under the orange warning of blizzard. The capital is completely paralyzed. The trees are craching under the weight of the snow. Hundreds of cars are damaged.
According to City Hall, over 3,000 fallen trees have been registered and the figure is constantly increasing. Also, over 1,000 trees have fallen on the territory of educational institutions.
(11:15) Over 560 localities have no electricity, according tot he data of Union Fenosa. The most complicated situation is registered in central and shouthern disctricts of the country, such as Criuleni, Straseni, Orhei, Ialoveni, Cimişlia, Leova, Hancesti, Cantemir, Causeni, Stefan Voda and others.
(10:47) "The center and the south area of the country is the most affected. Cherries, plums, apricots and walnut plantations, the vines have been most affected. " , said Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Iurie Usurelu.
(10:21) According to Petru Puscari, Basarabeasca town: "There is no electricity. The town has no water nor electricity. Union Fenosa has no team of intervence in the town. The Commission of Emergency of the town is in emergency session."
Mihai Popa, Straseni district: The situation is very critique, just like in others regions. Several localities are blocked. Over 150 trees have fallen. 
(10:00) The National Army intervenes with soldiers and special technicians to help the population and eliminate the consequences of the blizzard.

According to the latest information, intervention teams were equipped with all necessary, at the request of the local authorities, in the areas affected by snow.

Defense Minister Ala Diaconu said that the National Army has forces and will intervene with the a special traction technique.
(9:30) Prime Minister Pavel Filip has summoned today, at 9 a.m the meeting of the Commission of Emergency Situations, in order to coordinate the necessary actions and assess the damage caused by the winter weather conditions.
(8:05) Orange warning of blizzard has been announced. The National Army will come in help with 5 teams. 
"70 teams of road workers are on the spot. The situation is of an emergency one. The partial unlocking of the road, is hard to say because it is still snowing. At 5:20 a.m. there streets blocked are Testemiteanu, Drumul Viilor, Izmail, Negruzzi, Asachi. " , says Stefan Racu, Exdrupo company. 
"AccorDIng to the information, over 570 localities don't have electricity. Rescuers and firefighters have intervend in several localities in order to unlock several cars that have been stuck in snow. " , according to DSE. 
(7:50) Botanica sector of the Capital has been entirely paralyzed because of the fallen trees. People are walking to get to their jobs. 
Second day of April blizzard has paralyzed most of Moldova. According to meteorologists, this is a typical winter event, a winter blizzard, a weather phenomenon that happens rarely at this time of the year.
Chisinau is paralyzed. The three parks of trolleybuses has been shout down. The street are entirely in snow. People wait for hours for public transportation.  
Moldovan International Airport has announced nine flights have been cancelled.
According to an eyewitnesses, there is a truck stuck in snow at 30 kilometers from the Leuseni Customs point.
Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca has appealed people to stay in their homes until the weather conditions would be better.
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