Season change triggers big shot in markets for winter clothes

Big shot in the markets and clothing and footwear stores in the capital. People are preparing for the cold season, looking for shorts and winter boots.

Thus, the prices for an anorak cost even 3,000 lei. So is a pair of boots.

The Central Market was stormed by buyers looking for winter clothes.

The price for children's bills ranges from 650 to 1,500 lei. Sellers say they have models to everyone's taste:

And in the shoe stores, people plunged to the measurement. They say prices are affordable:

"We are looking for winter shoes. Prices are affordable, 1,050 lei."

"The price of one thousand lei is quite normal."

Sellers offer people a wide range of models:

"We have a varied collection of winter boots. The most requested model remains the classic: leather and natural fur."

The price of a pair of children's shoes starts at 550 lei and costs up to 1,500 lei. Men have to pick up ones between 900 and 2000 lei, depending on the model. Women's boots are costing up to 3,000 lei.
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