Searches at Chisinau City Hall. Silvia Radu: It is time for culprits to pay for their actions

Five people were arrested after Anticorruption officers have searched this morning the City Hall. The searches were made within a case of breaches committed in constructions. The people taken into custody are suspected of influence peddling, upon some employees from Chisinau Cadastre Office and City Hall Architecture Department. Searches also took place in those two institutions.

The searches begun this morning, at 8 o'clock and lasted for nearly two hours, all employees having suspended their activity during that time.

Although Head of Architecture Department, Sergu Borozan declared that at the moment he knows nothing as to the purpose of those searches.

While interim Mayor of the Capital, Silvia Radu wrote on her Facebook page that she wishes all the luck to investigators and expressed her hopes that they will manage to reveal all breaches committed by City Hall employees for decades.


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