Sea Mile 2018. Premiere Kids Aquathlon gathered 50 kids in competition

For the first time, national competition for children Kids Aquathlon was organized, within the sixth swimming championship Sea Mile 2018.

50 children attended 200-m swimming and race of 1.5 km. 

Athletes who competed for swimming at the Sea Mile had their supremacy over three different distances: 1,852 meters, 3,704 meters and 5,555 meters. The winner of the 1,852-meter test was the 16-year-old athlete Vladislav Perevoznic.

"It was a fairly complicated race, but with a lot of work I got the goal I set. I always wanted to win the Sea Mile," said swimmer Vladislav Perevoznic.

Sea Mile this time was organized in Valea Morilor park in Chisinau, for the first time. 

"Everyone enjoy the competition, I like this day. Many were afraid to swim in this lake, saying the place was dirty. But it's not true, people are bathing here", said organizer of the contest, Dumitru Volosin.

Previous competitions were held in the Ghidighici lake.

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