Sculeni Customs officer detained for smuggling with three accomplices

A customs officer from Sculeni and three accomplices were detained by the PCCOCS and customs officers for smuggling large proportions.

The group was filmed by the specialized services of the Customs, which oversaw the entire route.

Customs officers monitored how one of the suspects introduced the goods into the country, deposited them in a garage in the village of Sculeni, after which they were loaded into another vehicle with another driver at the wheel.

The second driver was followed and detained by the specialized Customs services near the town of Straseni. In minibus, several bundles of clothes and footwear were found, valued at about 500,000 lei.

The investigation established that the goods were procured from the Red Dragon Market in Bucharest and was destined for several merchants in the capital.

Following the searches, the leader of the group, who organized and directed the criminal scheme, was detained.

All four suspects are at risk of imprisonment for up to 10 years.

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