Scientist reveals warrior wasp attack is worst in insect world

You may think your job is a pain, but one man's work requires him to be stung more than 1,000 times by almost 85 different insect species. 

Justin Schmidt, an entomologist at the University of Arizona, is the author of a new book called 'The Sting of the Wild', which ranks different insect stings on a scale from 1 to 4 in order to determine the toxicity and pain of each bite.

While he found the red fire ant ranks on level 1 in terms of pain level, the warrior wasp was given a four and said it feels like 'you are chained in the flow of an active volcano'.

'For the stinging insect, how not to be eaten assumes crucial importance, and herein lies the value of the sting,' Schmidt writes in 'The Sting of the Wild'.
'The stinging inset is focuses on not ending up in the stomach of the visitor at the entrance to the nest.'

Stingers evolved from the female reproductive organ, ovipositor, which is simply an egg-laying tube.
However, in some male species this part is presented as a hardened, thorn-like genitalia used to ward off attackers and catch its prey.

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