Schools and preschools from Ialoveni to be equipped with educational software

Schools and kindergartens from Ialoveni will be equipped with educational software. The electronic teachers will be of grate help to institutions that lack teachers.

The software includes curriculum's for all all school years.

This program will also ease the work of teachers, as all the needed information will be only one click away.

"Education software include lessons, seminars, laboratory. The children can even chose their own options depending on their knowledge" academician  Igor Eftodiv declared.

The program includes four options  for teachers: presentations, interactive lessons, self assessment and practical work.

"The quality of teaching will improve, pupils will be prepared for their future lives or various situations in society"  headmaster of " Petru Ştefănucă" Academic High School from Ialoveni, Vera Balan stated.

 "Now during chemistry, in place of making possible dangerous mixtures, the pupils will be able to simply participate in an interactive lesson" headmaster of  "Andrei Vartic" Academic High School, Valentina Sacari said.

The program also includes a virtual library with books for every school year.

"Software are useful for the children, because they are simple. Everything is clearly explained and contains detailed pictures"  

The whole project is worth over two million lei.

"Preschools will also be modernized. Around 2, or 3 teachers will be taught the new program so that in their turn, they can teach their other colleagues" President of Ialoveni district, Anatolie Dimitriu, announced.

Until November, authorities plan to equip nearly 70 institutions with educational software. Ialoveni district has over 15 thousand preschool pupils.

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