School of Edelweiss Ambassadors gives unique experience to 20 young people

20 young people from Hancesti, have a unique experience. In the first day of training in the School of Edelweiss Ambassadors, the students attended many programs of personal and professional development, done by experienced trainers from Moldova and abroad.

In a loose atmosphere the students attended a training course, during which they had the possibility to set up their objectives and plans for future.

After a short break, the students started to study English language.

Thrilled by the training, the students said that they liked very much the lessons and hope that it will help them in the future.

“I came to School of Edelweiss Ambassadors because I want to open myself, to learn new things, to talk to people, to understand what I want from life and to try to plan this thing” said the participant to the School of Edelweiss Ambassadors, Igor Rodjero.

“At the training was great, it was a good atmosphere, I felt great. Still, these objectives made me think what I have to do in the future, how to do it. I want to start working on these objectives today” said the participant of School of Edelweiss Ambassadors, Elena Chiosa.

“I want to make new friends, want to learn new information, to have new opportunities” said the participant of the School of Edelweiss Ambassadors, Daniela Sava.

“During the trainings we will give additional education, they will learn various expressions in English which might help them when they will go abroad to travel or to work. Our objective is to give them basic information” has declared the trainer of English language, Le Neal.

“It is an easy atmosphere, each of them have set those objectives which they consider relevant for themselves. Some of them said that they wanted to open a construction company, others say that they want to learn to play musical instruments. They want to be involved and have a great motivation for their further professional development” said the trainer of professional development, Sabina Grigan.

The School of Edelweiss Ambassadors is a project organized for the first time, dedicated to train young people in choosing a right career.

“We are very glad that starting today these students will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge, the trainers we got are from Romania, Moldova and Canada. We hope that this knowledge that they are getting through the School of Ambassadors in the future will be put in practice”, said the executive director of “Edelweiss” Foundation, Lara Moraru.

During this week,, the students will have lessons which will help them develop their communication abilities, how to make a speech and what are the priorities of each of them.

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