Schemes of number one raider in CIS: Connection to Filat, raider attacks and parliamentary immunity

Veaceslav Platon is investigated for fraud and money laundering in huge proportions. This led to the prejudice of Banca de Economii with approximately 1 billion lei. According to the investigation,five companies managed by Platon received loans of hundreds of millions dollars. The media wrote previously that Platon was helped by the former prime minister Vlad Filat to obtain loans from BEM.

The first scheme planned by Platon, five economic agents, controlled by persons named by the number 1 raider in CIS, have taken loans in amount of 40 million dollars and over 123 million lei from Victoriabank in the period 2011-2012. The money were transferred to four offshore companies. Afterwards, two companies took a loan of over 53 million euro from BEM. The sum also got into the account of a company from a fiscal paradise. From here, the loans taken by the five economic agents were returned to Victoriabank.

In the second scheme, other two companies have taken from BEM two loans, of total amount of approximately 426 million lei. In this case, were pledged accounts from a bank in Russia. The scenario was similar: loaned money were transferred to some offshore companies. The latter bought shares at Moldova Agroindbank and invested is the Insurance Company “Asito”, which is owned by Platon. According to prosecutors, the transfers from both schemes were done electronically from the same IP address in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Also, the media wrote that Platon is involved in the laundering of 20 billion dollars through a bank from Moldova.In the last years, Veaceslav Platon was involved in various scandals. He got the media attention after being accused of raider attack on some banks from the country. Approximately 78% of the shares Universalbank and 28% of Moldova Agroindbank shares were illegally alienated.

The name of Platon was also mentioned in the biggest operation of money laundering in Eastern Europe, in which were involved over 90 companies registered in Russia. The media also wrote about the involvement of the scandalous businessman in the bankruptcy of the nuclear plant Energoatom in Ukraine.

According to a Ukrainian news portal, Platon, who was the leader of an international group of swindlers, has bribed many employees of this state company, who sold commercial secrets to him. Veaceslav Platon also got the attention of the investigators from the neighboring country for many attempts of hostile overtaking of Ukrainian banks. In 2009 he was to be detained for attempt of converting goods in huge proportions.

The prosecutors were stopped by the fact that Platon was a nominee for the position of deputy. In 2012, Platon declared that he bought the place in the list of nominee of “Our Moldova” Alliance in order to become deputy and to profit from parliamentary immunity.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the number one raider of CIS, Veaceslav Platon, was extradited yesterday, 29 august 2016, to authorities in Moldova. The information was confirmed by the General Prosecutor’s Office, through a press statement. Today, Buiucani trial court has to decide on the request of the prosecutors regarding the prolongation with 30 days of the preventive arrest on Platon’s name. the scandalous businessman was arrested in the neighboring country, after the Moldovan authorities put him on international search.

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