Scheme of online selling drugs clued

A group specialized in online selling of drugs was clued within a massive operation by policemen and prosecutors. 

According to the officers, the drugs were imported from China, through Russian Federation and Ukraine. In the operation there were involved seven members aged between 20 and 35, originally from Chisinau, Calarasi and Criuleni.

Each of the members had his own goal and role in the drug selling. Through the social media, the costumers were asking for a certain dose through a message that was sent to a hidden group. The costumer was obliged to pay from 350 to 2 000 lei through the ATM. Thus, he was receiving a message with the location of the drugs.

The officers found around 97 location on the territory of Chisinau. After the searches, the officers found drugs that needed to be hidden in certain places, in one of the suspects' house.

The suspects were arrested on a term of 30 days. They risk from 7 to 15 years in prison.



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