Scenario of future government: A new PSRM-ACUM alliance?

The Socialists invited the bloc ACUM to negotiation table for a new parliamentary majority but with new conditions, Zinaida Greceanîi has announced after the consultation with President Igor Dodon. 

"We're making an alliance with the bloc ACUM but with new conditions, new government structure, new candidate for prime minister. If the bloc ACUM is ready to examine this possibility, we will examine any candidates proposed by the president for the position of prime minister", said Greceanîi. 

Greceanîi vehemently rejected Maia Sandu's candidacy for prime minister and declined to make an alliance with other parliamentary factions but bloc ACUM. 

Meanwhile, on a Prime TV's talk show, Andrian Candu ruled out the alliance between PSRM and PDM, at least at this stage. 

"We don't think we will create a majority with the Socialists", Candu said on the show.

When asked the possible scenario of a minority government, Andrian Candu said the idea was under discussion. 

"We are still discussing this matter. We need to see what will be the kind of government, what will be components, in which period. Because a minority cabinet in the next three years will be extremely complicated. A minority government is often a transit and does not last long", said the PDM MP. 

Regarding a national unity government, Andrian Candu said it could be nice but impossible. 

"It's impossible as far as I see the spirit and atmosphere in the parliament. I think the citizens probably wish to have a government of national unity so that we will have all professionals in the government. It could be nice but ...", the politician highlighted. 

In Tuesday's parliamentary plenary, 63 out of 101 lawmakers voted in favor of the motion of censure against the Maia Sandu's Moldovan government.

Parties now have 90 days to try to form a new government. If they fail, another parliamentary election would be called.

Moldova's President Igor Dodon invited the representatives of the parliamentary factions to discussions on Wednesday. Accordingly, the Socialist Party and bloc ACUM meet with the head of state at 11:00 and 12:00 respectively. The Democratic Party - 13:00. Dodon is also willing to meet with the Party Sor. 


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