Scandal in family from Soroca district. Man threatened his wife he will kill their baby

Scandal in a family from Baxani village, Soroca district. The owner of the house had bitten his wife and threatened he will kill their two weeks old baby. The case occurred on Sunday to Monday day. The 24 year old woman managed to run away from her house with her one year old daughter.

According to her, the struggle occurred after the family celebrated the birthday of the wife: "We argued and he had hit me. Our child got scared. I run away from the house and went to the City Hall. He was drinking alcohol very often. I have two children and I am scared.

The woman was scared, because her husband threatened her he will kill their baby. On Monday morning, the woman went to the City Hall and announced  about what happened. Her 22 year old man was detained.

"The policemen detained the aggressive man for 10 days and the the victim was sent to the doctor, to investigate the wounds", mentioned Ludmila Sochirca, Soroca IP representative.

According to the social attendant from the village, the woman and her two children are out of any dangers.

"The children are safe now. We will collaborate with the City Hall and I think we will find a place to shelter them", said Emilia Cazacu, soccial attendant of Baxani village. 

The mayor of the village says that the family is being watched by the local authorities.

"They came in our village in September. When we met them we were asking how are they doing. We gave them social aid, some clothes, we found some villages who helped them", said Ghenadie Pereteatcu, the mayor of Baxani village.

The neighbors say they didn't notice if the man was beating his wife:

"I talked to them and they seemed like a normal family."

"When he was drunk, he was aggressive."

According to the law enforcement, the family violence is punished with three years in prison.

Domestic violence was discussed today by representatives of PDM and Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to Vlad Plahotniuc, victims who report such abuse must be offered necessary protection.

"I know from the experience of Edelweiss Foundation, where we launched a massive project to help victims of domestic violence, how important is to offer a place where victims can feel protected, especially during the first hours of those abuses. It was a big step when all inspectorates from districts created special rooms for minors, but it is also necessary to arrange such rooms for people who suffered from domestic violence. Ministry of Internal Affairs took upon itself to analyze the subject and come up with solutions, and depending on the situation form each region, we believe that solutions can be found to solve this problem" Vlad Plahotniuc declared.

Domestic violence is punished by law.

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