Sanitation campaign in Budesti. Nina Costiuc, mayor of Budesti will fine the villagers who don't keep environment clean

Budesti authorities said they will punish the ones who don't keep the environment clean. These days, the City hall employees launched a sanitation campaign in the village. Thus, the ones who will no longer keep their village clean will be fined.

Some of the residents think that the fines are a good solution, while others consider that if people are not well-educated, nothing will help.

"Everybody should keep his yard clean. I think that if somebody will be fined, definitely, the others will take a lesson and won't do the same mistake", said Liuba Stadnitchi, resident of Budesti village.

"It think it is not correct to be afraid of fines. We should educate the members of the society", said Liuba Guscin, resident of Budesti village.

The village has five illegal trash bins. The City Hall employees transport the trash to an authorized trash bin that is three kilometers away the village.

"People are coming here during the night and leaving trash. they should be fined", said Gheorghe Cliciuc, resident of the village.

The pupils also got involved in these actions.

"We will inform people that it is not good to leave the trash near their houses", said Ion Negrei, pupil.

Nina Costiuc, the mayor of the village says that it is not a big pleasure to fine someone, but they can't find another solution.

"We should change the thinking of people. The only way to do it is to fine them, even if it is not good", mentioned Nina Costiuc, the mayor of Budesti.

The persons will receive a 900 lei fine, while the justice persons nine thousands.

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