Sandu hands responsibility over to Dodon to negotiate better Russian gas tariff for Moldova

PM Maia Sandu hands responsibility over to President Igor Dodon and Socialist Party (PSRM) to negotiate a better Russian gas tariff for Moldova. According to Sandu, PSRM affirmed this commitment when they agreed to create governing alliance. 

The comment came after Dodon apparently failed to have Russian confirmation to keep tariff unchanged. He said the tariff could increase 50%. 

"When we made the parliamentary majority, we, alliance ACUM promised to seek for Western support and we're doing this. We bring money and reestablish foreign funding. On the other hand, Socialist party committed to improve the relation with Russia including obtaining better gas tariff", confirmed PM Sandu. 

After the visit to Moscow, Dodon implied that he didn't manage to obtain a guarantee from Gazprom leadership not to raise gas tariff. Igor Dodon will give it another chance and next time, he will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Octavian Calmîc, one of the directors of National Agency for Energy Regulatory, said there's not been request from Moldova Gaz to raise tariff. 

Gas tariff was reduced over 20% in March - 2018 following the request of former government led by Democrat Pavel Filip. In January 2020, the actual contract of our country with Russia's Gazprom will expire. 


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