Sandu Government endorsed a series of draft laws hours before the voting on censure motion

The Executive convened a meeting at 8:00 today to examine several draft laws, hours before the Parliament starts voting on the censure motion against the Sandu Cabinet. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the Cabinet approved the appointment of Ana Puşneac as chief of the Orhei Territorial Office of the State Chancellery from November 18, 2019. Then, the ministers also endorsed the appointment of Daniela Morari as the Ambassador, head of the mission of the Republic of Moldova to the EU. 

A series of draft laws have been supported such as:

+the modification to article 1 of Law no. 121/2001 regarding the additional social protection of some categories of population. All victims of political repression will benefit from monthly state allowances.

+the modification to the establishment and payment of the monetary compensation instead of the free sanitary treatment tickets to the persons with disabilities from the war. The size of the financial compensations granted to veterans for the years 2017-2018 constituted 6,504 lei. Approximately 546 persons benefit from the allowance.

+the draft law on state social allowances for some categories of citizens. It has been proposed to increase the amount of social allowances by 40 percent for people with severe, stressed and average special needs and will constitute 80 percent of the minimum pension amount, established annually by the Government.

+the ratification of the financing agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the International Development Association on the Project for the development of the electric power system (worth 13.1 million euros) was signed on September 26, 2019.

+ art.3 of the State Tax Law no.1216 / 1992. The author of the project argues that the tariff amount of the state tax should be 3% of the value of the action or of the amount collected, but not less than 150 lei from the natural persons and not less than 270 lei from the legal persons.

+the project regarding the transfer of a real estate. The project provides for the transmission of the building located in Chisinau, N. Iorga street, 24, from the IP management "General Directorate for the administration of Government buildings" in the management of the People's Advocate's Office.

+the project for initiating negotiations and approving the signing of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on visa-free travel of citizens.

The Parliament plenary scheduled at 10:00 will vote on the censure motion against the Sandu Cabinet. 

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