Salary rise of 50% for over 1,600 employees in kindergartens

Salary increase of 50 per cent will be applied for more than 1600 employees in preschool institutions in Chisinau by the end of this year.

Allocation of over 3.5 million lei was made in municipal budget. 

Accordingly, chefs, chef assistants, nannies and educator assistants will be provided this bonus. 

At present, their wages start at a thousand lei and reach up to 1600 lei depending on their studies and experience.

The supplement that employees will receive ranges from five hundred to eight hundred lei. However, the liberal counselors said they would double the salary.

"We propose with one hundred per cent increase," PL advisor Ion Cebanu said.

But this is not possible due to lack of financial means.

"We have accounted for all financial means but cannot find sufficient budget so we only propose three million."

Councilors say that thanks to these salary supplements, kindergarten employees will be motivated to work hard, especially in many preschool lacking staff.

Some councilors said such initiatives should be prolonged for long-term.

This autumn two kindergartens risked being closed because they did not have the cook. One of directors said such rise was absolutely welcomed due to its motives.

In 157 kindergartens of Chisinau, there are 400 vacant positions of educators and educators assistants, 104 - chefs, 46 - dishwashers and 37 nurses.

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