Salaries' reform: Accountants will be train how to calculate the salaries after these were indexed

The accountants of the state institutions will be taught how to calculate the salaries of the employees who benefit of indexations. The training will start in a week in the central districts, Chisinau and Balti.

According to the responsible of the Ministry of Finances 2.700 accountants will attend the training. 

"We formed a team of the best employees of the Ministry of Finances", said Ion Chicu, candidate to the Minister of Finances office.

This measure is taken in order to avoid the errors.


"We will make sure that each employee with receive the salary according to the legislation", said Ion Chicu.

Yesterday, there a call center where the state workers can call and ask about the salaries reform was created. The call center has already received 70 calls.


"The companies are of different types. The majority of these do a specific calculation for each person. The salaries were indexed for the employees of colleges, universities, professional schools", said Raisa Ghilan, the director of the Salaries Direction within the Ministry of Finances.

Starting December, 200.000 state workers receive higher salaries. The reform was announced by Vlad Plahotniuc, the chairman of the Democratic Party.


The educators from kindergartens benefit of the highest indexation, 83%.

The doctors benefit of a 59% indexation.

On this reform, 2 billion lei was spent.

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