Salaries of doctors to increase 10% from April 1

Almost 50 thousand employees from public health-care institutions will receive higher salaries by 10 percent from April 1. A decision in this regard was approved yesterday by the Government. For this increase, the Ministry of Health calculated that almost additional 300 million lei is needed. The expenses are planned from the compulsory health insurance funds.

 "A family doctor who works up to 10 years has a salary of 7160 lei at present and earns an increase of 650 lei based on this project. A doctor who works over 20 years will earn 8440 lei as a result", said Health Minister Viorica Dumbrăveanu. 

Meanwhile, the surgeons, endoscopists and anesthesiologists-reanimatologists, of republican level, will have the salary of 6,880 lei, and those of the district level - 5,720 lei.

The salaries of psychiatrists and narcologists will amount to 7,100 lei.

Besides, the salaries of the hospital directors could vary from 8,000 lei, up to 16,000 lei.

Last year, the average monthly salary for the economy was set at 6,975 lei, and for 2020 it will constitute 7,953 lei.


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