Salaries in Moldova on the rise

Wages in Moldova are rising more and more. In the second trimester of this year, the average monthly salary rose with 13% in comparison with the same time last year. According to the data from the official statistics, the monthly salary of a common worker used to be around 5.500 lei. The biggest salary belonging to those working in the IT field.

The average salary of a public worker was around 5 thousand lei for the period of April-June. More money was paid to those working for private companies. Their salaries used to rise up to 6 thousand lei per month.

Biggest salaries can be found in the informational technology field, where a specialist would receive over 12 thousand lei. Big salaries are also given to those in accounting and insurance, but also in the electricity field. They have, in average, 10 thousand lei monthly.

On the opposite end are the artists who word in the recreation industry, their salaries being a little bit over 3 thousand lei. Not even those working in the agriculture, forestry, fishing gain big salaries. In average, they are paid 3.500 lei monthly. With 200 lei more than those working in the food industry.

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