Sailing around the world on "Made in Moldova" yacht. The plan of two Moldovans

A Moldovan sailing enthusiast decided to fulfill his dream and go around the world with its own yacht named "Impulse".

The pensioner Veaceslav Javor ha been sailing the seas, rivers and oceans for over 20 years. 

In the spring of 2019, however, the adventurer, with his son, will start the longest journey of their lives from the port of Odessa - around the world.

Veaceslav and Vladimir Jarov say that they need at least 100 thousand euros to begin its journey. Even if they found a way to earn the money needed, they hope that sponsors will approach them.

"We plan to earn the money all alone. We intend to bring the yacht near the lake, where we want to open a school of sailing and windsurfing. I hope they will find eager to climb on my yacht for a fee" , said Veaceslav Jarov.

Every yachting competition that Veaceslav has attended, he was encouraged and supported by his son, who is also passionate about sailing.

"I participated in all the competitions. We have worked hard and put soul to build this boat. The yacht is much stronger than other yachts. We trust it with one hundred percent" , said Vladimir.

Vyacheslav and Vladimir Jarov trip will start in 2019.

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