Safe and Modern "Edelweiss" parks. New playground opened in Capital

The Edelweiss Parks project continues to bring joy to children and parents in whole country.

A new playground was inaugurated in "The fountain" park in the capital. Children are happy that they will have modern slides and parents are happy that children will always be in safety on the playgrounds.

Dozens of children attended the inauguration of the 40th playground.

The dancers from Black and White Dance Center has created an incendiary atmosphere.

The land area of 225 square meters has fascinated the little ones:

"I really like it. It's beautiful and lovely, and it has balloons for children. "

"It's very nice. I really like, is very colorful and very fun. Me and my friends will come often on this playground."

"It's very exciting and convenient for children who are small and will play here."

Parents say that their children will have a safe place to spend their free time in the new arrangement of the playground:

"It's wonderful, more than I expected. We thank Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc and The Edelweiss Foundation. We have no comfortable or practical playgrounds in the country. They're good for their health."

"It's a very beautiful playground. I'm with my baby girl. I can't take her home, she loves it that much."

"He has nowhere to play, where to spend their free time. And it's very convenient. Parent will spend their time near the lake, and children will play in the playground."

"I think it's a great idea. As a future daddy I appreciate it's equipped with the latest technology which means that our country has a future."

"We are at our 40th playground. As promised we have reached the end of the "Parks Edelweiss" project. We are extremely happy that we accomplished what we promised" ,  said coordinator of "Edelweiss Parks" projects, Turcan Viorica.

40 playgrounds were built in the "Edelweiss Parks" project, launched by Vlad Plahotniuc, in several parts of the country, six of them in Chisinau.
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