Ruxanda Glavan: Emergency medical service in Orhei will have its own headquarters

Emergency medical service from Orhei will have its own headquarters. The assurance comes from the minister of health, Ruxanda Glavan, who had a visit in this district. Now, the National Centre of Emergency Medical Assistance occupies a floor in the Orhei Regional Hospital.

The National Centre of Emergency Medical Assistance receives daily hundreds of calls from the 22 localities from Orhei district. Because of lack of doctors, patients rsik not receiving medical assistance in due time.

The building, in which will be the headquarters of the service of emergency medical assistance, is owned by the Ministry of Health, and the land on which the building is placed is owned by the local public authorities.

Ruxanda Glavan also visited the Medical College, where she discussed the institution’s problems.

During the visit, the minister also discussed the possibility to complete the auto park of the Emergency Medical Assistance Service. 

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