Russia's failure at ECHR. How much should they pay to a Moldovan family for encroaching the rights of their son

Russia will pay 53 thousand Euro for not respecting the rights of a soldier from the transnistrean region. According to ECHR, the Moscow authorities should pay Alexandru Stomatii this money. In 2009, the soldier was taken by force in an illegal paramilitary from the left bank of Nistru who was killed one year after.

The decision has been taken in September 2018, but Russia asked to check this case again. Recently, ECHR rejected this request.


Now the Russian authorities are obliged to pay 50 thousand Euro to the woman for moral damage and three thousand Euro to cover the trial's costs.

According to the organizers, in the past ten years, many similar cases have been registered in the transnistrean region.


The young who refuse to do the army service pay a 1 700 Euro fine and risk up to two years behind bars.


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