Russian troops withdrawal will not be discussed at next UN meeting

The subject of Russian troops withdrawal from territory of Republic of Moldova is not listed at the next meeting of UN. 

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives from United Nations declared that this issue can be approached at the next committee session.

In August, Republic of Moldova requested the United Nations to include in their 72nd General Meeting the subject of withdrawing the foreign military troops from the territory of Moldova. A letter attending this matter was send to the United Nations by our permanent representative, Victor Moraru.

In this letter send to the UN, he discloses the fact that the presence of Russian troops on our country’s territory is a threat to the international peace and security. 

The diplomat also attached a fragment from the SCEO’s declaration from 1999, where it is mentioned that Russia has to withdraw its troops from the Republic of Moldova’s territory by the end of 2002. 

The Russian pacifist troops arrived in our country back in 1992. They are also overviewing the military storage, where over 20 thousand ammunitions are being kept. Their withdrawal from the eastern part of our country began back in 2001, but was interrupted by the authorities from Transnistria, due to some tension with Chisinau. 

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