Russian press view upon the real goal of Kozak's visit to Moldova this autumn

Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak will pay another visit to Moldova at the end of September for the Moldova-Russia Economic Forum. According to, the Presidential Representative for Trade and Economic Ties with Moldova, however, must have different purpose rather than the forum: the settlement of Transnistria conflict. 
According to the Russian press, Republic of Moldova gradually turned its aspiration from the East to the West and military security plays an vital role in this regard. 
In the visit to Chisinau, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu approached the topic of the destruction of ammunition in Cobasna. This project would cost $2 billion. 
Meanwhile, Moldovan President Igor Dodon declared that the Transnistria issue could be resolved in case Moldova retains its neutrality. Moldova is underway to create a favorable environment to make a right decision in this issue, Dodon added. 
It's the fact that Chisinau holds no common position to resolve this conflict. Opinions of the head of state and Ministers do count but Government and Presidency, unfortunately, are on different geopolitical paths. 
Will Kozak be able to solve everything? Or will the US get involved on the last moment? The journalists wondered. 
The active involvement of external partners can create a historical precedent, which will change the situation in the region. Recently, President Dodon's project on solving the Transnistrian problem came to Kozak's table and to US President Trump's adviser, John Bolton, who visited the Republic of Moldova. The latter was skeptical of Dodon's idea.

Most importantly, in the package of documents presented by Igor Dodon, there are some suggestions that such a frozen conflict resolution could be an example for other states. "The project developed by the Republic of Moldova can be a model of conflict resolution in Ukraine," quoted the documents.

Which means, if Russia, EU and the US accept the Dodon's initiative, this method can be easily applied in the case of Ukraine.
"Russia has already exposed, and the fact that the Chisinau authorities can reach a common denominator has been shown by the events of June, which means that Dodon's package has good chances," notes
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