Russian press continues to spread lies that Vlad Plahotniuc is investigated for Usatîi's life attempt

Russian press continues to spread lies that Vlad Plahotniuc is being investigated, on the order of FSB and fugitive Renato Usatîi.

Daily newspaper Kommersant claims, in an article published on Thursday, that someone named Russu was supposed to assassinate Renato Usatîi in 2014.

Russian journalists, who claim of having received details of the case, disclosed by Russian authorities, wrote that leader of Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, supposedly created a criminal organization to murder Usatîi and hired this person named Russu.

The man, whose name appears in Kommersant's article, seems to be of Denis Rusu, who, in an investigation made by Zeppelin, starting last month, reveals all Usatîi's lies, claiming that he has no links to those accusations and this scenario.

Russu insisted at the time that he does not know Plahotniuc, or his people. Mostly due to the fact that in 2014, he was already imprisoned for armed robbery in Victoriabank.

"I have never known, nor had any contact with him. We have never met before, neither with him, nor his people" leader of a criminal group, Denis Rusu said. 

Moreover, Russu is sure that Usatîi  used him for publicity and to paint himself as a victim.

"It is ridiculous, cheap populism, a convenience to draw attention. He tried to use someone else's drama in his own interests, for populism. This is everything I know of Renato Usatîi" Denis Rusu said.

This scenario was also previously used by Renato Usatîi in 2011. At the time, the fugitive blamed Russian businessman Gherman Gorbunțov of wishing him to sleep with the fishes.

Then, a year later, Gorbunțov himself became a target of killer Vitalie Proca, who is currently imprisoned in Romania. The Russian businessman declared multiple times that the one who wished him dead is Renato Usatîi.

The fugitive mayor, who is currently investigated for the murder attempt of Gorbunțov, fled the country in 2016 and is currently hiding in Moscow.

We remind that at the beginning of December, the representative of Basmanii Court declared that the PDM leader is investigated for racial, political, ideological and ethnic hate.

In response, the PDM representatives declared that this is about a politic case and declared Russia's actions as harassment against the party, officials, the Government and the Parliament of Moldova.

At the same time, INTERPOL rejected Russia's request to declare Vlad Plahotniuc in international search.

Moreover, Secretary General of Interpol has requested all member state to ignore all requests made from Russian Federation toward Vlad Plahotniuc and erase his name from the national data.

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