Russian oligarch pumps millions euros into Chisinau Airport with grit to build transnational hub

Russian oligarch Andrey Goncharenko became the new beneficiary of Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd that owns 95% of Avia-Invest, which operates Chisinau International Airport – after NR Investment Limited conceded control over the company. According to Goncharenko, Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd will invest over 200 millions of euros in modernizing the Chisinau airport and creating thousands of jobs while constructing a new runway for long-haul aircraft and a new terminal, the most modern in the region. 

The main purpose of the major upgrades is to transform the airport into a transnational hub. 

"As the beneficiary of Komaksavia Airport Invest, I announce that I intend to launch a major project on the modernization of Chisinau International Airport from spring 2020. The budget will exceed 200 million euros. I want to highlight that there will be private investments and no funds from the operational activity of the Airport will be used. 

I estimate thousands of new jobs will be created as a result of this project. It means thousands of people will earn good salary and can support their families without the need to go abroad. 

My intention is to transform the airport to a transnational hub. It's achievable goal I believe. It should become an important transport center and provide passengers the maximum comfort. I'm sure that a transnational air hub in Chisinau will increase the investment attractiveness of Moldova as well as develop the Moldovan economy", said Goncharenko. 

He also reiterated his plan includes the construction of a new runway for long-haul aircraft and a new terminal, the most modern in the region. 

"I consider the attraction of investments for the implementation of the goals as my priority as a new participant. There is a lot of work ahead. Our goal for the coming years is to increase passenger flow to 5 million people", the Russian billionaire stressed. 

Andrey Goncharenko, former Gazprom top manager and a business partner with Boris Rotenberg. Rotenberg was listed by Forbes as Russia's 69th wealthiest person in 2016 with a net worth of $1.07 billion and considered to have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. 





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