Russian investor will likely to invest in Port of Giurgiulești

In an interview for Kommersant, President Igor Dodon said that the Russians could take over Port of Giurgiulești.

"It's important that the state will take back the airport and we're working on it. I think that we have a good chance to make it. The state needs to make a decision: either keep this asset or start a new competition. For us, it is a priority to restore the state management. 

In term of Port of Giurgiulești, this is a private complex project. There are private investors. I know they are looking for partners, investors. I think there will be a Russian investor in the near future", said Igor Dodon. 

The Port of Giurgiulești is a port on the Danube River and the largest port in Moldova. It is also a port on Prut River. The port is managed by a Dutch firm, Danube Logistics, which, with the aid of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has invested 60 million in the project. 




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