Russian community leader: This day may be compared to day Moldova declared Independence

The chair of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Community from Moldova, Piotr Donţov, has also addressed a message from the stage placed in the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau’s center.

"I congratulate you on this day. I thank the veterans because we can enjoy sunshine today. This day can be compared to the day when Moldova declared its independence. Now we can find Moldova’s society is united.

My thanks to the leadership of the Democratic Party from Moldova for this concert. I am glad there are people, politicians in Moldova who realize the importance of a united society, not afraid of making a compromise to the people’s interest.

I congratulate you on these two holidays. I wish you peace and spiritual equanimity," Piotr Donţov told the crown.

As many as 50,000 people attend the concert on the main square, organized by the Democratic Party from Moldova.

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