Russia SUSPENDS meat imports of FIVE Moldovan companies

Russian promises to simplify Moldovan goods supplying and to extend the list of Moldova’s exporters to Russian markets turned into new restrictions so far.

INFOTAG reports that RosSelhozNadzor [Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance] has suspended the certifying of five of eight Moldovan meat suppliers: IDT din Bardar, Antadro, Gavris-Prim, Lamos-Carne and Navelina

The Service explains this by the fact that these enterprises have not been supplying goods to Russia for already 18-36 months, thus the RosSelhozNadzor could not conduct customs veterinary control of goods or subject these to monitoring tests. Besides, it does not have information about the results of check activities in relation to enterprises and their products, which leads to impossibility to assess the risks.

Exports may be resumed only according to the results of inspection at the enterprise by a competent agency from Moldova and an analysis of the inspection report, provided to the RosSelhozNadzor.

All five enterprises indeed have not been supplying goods to Russia since August 2014, but it is not their guilt, it is exclusively because of the ban, introduced by the RosSelhozNadzor after Moldova has signed the EU-Moldova Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement.

In fact, currently only the companies Mistor-Bras from Niscani village (Calarasi district), Hanuco from Petreni village (Drochia district) and Tehnostel-Car from Hincesti are allowed to supply meat to Russia. However, temporary restrictions on meat imports were introduced against the Tehnostel-Car in October 2016.
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