Russia supposedly interfered in elections from 27 countries, including Moldova

The Alliance for Securing Democracy from the German Marshall Fund, wrote on that Russia has interfered in the elections of at least 27 different countries, including the Republic of Moldova, using different methods, such as cybernetic attacks.

According to the data provided by USA Today and the paper Independent Journal Review, beginning with 2004, Russia has interfered in the elections of such countries as: USA, the majority of European Union, including Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary, UK, as well as the Republic of Moldova, Turkey and Canada.

The owner of the organization which wrote the paper, Laura Rosenberger, believes that the main aim of Russia was to make authorities from different countries, lean toward Russia and work in it's favor.

A map made by USA Today, using information from the Alliance for Securing Democracy, does not include Romania among the influenced countries.

A researcher from the Carnegie Mellon University, Dov Levin, claims that the map is based on data dating even before 2004. The Alliance for Securing Democracy has managed to discover 36 attempts of Russia to influence the elections from other countries and 81 attempts of USA, dated between 1946-2000.

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