Ruling alliance's MPs file notice to Constitutional Court regarding electoral system

The Moldovan parliamentary ruling alliance wants to know the early parliamentary elections will be held in the basis of mixed or proportional voting system. 

PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco along with PPDA MP Alexandru Slusari and Socialist Vasile Bolea filed a notice to Constitutional Court (CC) regarding the electoral system. They mentioned the mixed voting system was annulled in August. 

The authors of document noted the CC decision was needed to ensure the predictability of electoral process. 

It should be mentioned that President Igor Dodon indicated previously that there was a risk that the current governing alliance would fall apart after the local elections on October 20. 

The parliamentary elections on February 24 was held on the basis of mixed voting system. In other words, 50 MPs were chosen on the list of parties while 51 MPs were voted in uninominal constituencies. 



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