Rothschild family finalized taking over Chisinau International Airport

NR Investments Ltd finalized the process of purchasing 95% of Avia Invest SRL shares, according to a press release. 

"This marks an important step in the development of airport within a private-public concession agreement", quoted the document. 

The Rothschild family purchased 95% Avia Invest shares through Investments Limited company. The press service of Chisinau International Airport confirmed this information.

Foreign investors announced, in a press release, that they will release data on Chisinau airport's development plans in September.

Later, President Igor Dodon, announced that Ilan Şor had failed to sell the company Avia Invest to British billionaire Nathaniel Rothchild and that the airport could be nationalized. 

Ilan Şor invested in the infrastructure of the airport over 88 million euros and has transferred in the state budget taxes of almost 600,000 since 2013. 

Economists forecast the number of passengers going through this airport will exceed three million this year after it reached 2.8 million in 2018. 




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