Rose Valley Park from Capital will be illuminated this year

Till the end of this year, Valea Trandafirilor Park will be illuminated. To repair the illumination system, the City Hall allocated six million lei and the work will start in March.

For almost 20 years, the park is in darkness. After the sunset, each walk is a real challenge for everybody. 

"Many persons are afraid to walk in the park, because it is not illuminated."

"It is dark and dangerous outside."

The project to repair the illumination system was approves last year.

"We want to mount a 7 kilometers subway cable and 350 lanterns", said Nicolae Veresecno, the chief of Lumteh.

The lanterns will be brought from Italy. The price of a lantern is four thousand lei.

"Every luminaire has the possibility to regulate the light flow, which will also lead to the saving of electricity," said Vasile Bârsan, design engineer.

In September 2017, a Turkish company financed the illumination of an alley from the Valea randafirilor (Rose Valley) Park. Also this year, the Lumteh company will perform decorative lighting works on the city's gates. The value of the project is one million lei. The money will be earmarked from the municipal budget.

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