Romania's Iohannis hopes Moldova's president-elect won't change change bilateral relations

A single person, be him the president, cannot fundamentally affect the relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Romanian president Klaus Iohannis said in the northeastern city of Iasi, just 20 km far from the common border.

The most consistent and energetic supporter of the neighboring country’s European undertaking, Romania will further be a strategic and very dynamic partner of the Republic of Moldova, Iohannis promised.

Klaus Iohannis: “I want us to support the Republic of Moldova and I want us to do it institutionally. We have a historical relationship, we have an economic relation, we have cultural relations and I think that there are further premises for a very good cooperation between institutions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

There are high chances of economic growth in the Republic of Moldova, which will make Moldovans really feel what rapprochement to Europe means,” Radio Romania International writes.

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