Romanians to report income declarations on-line only

Romanians will submit their tax declarations only online starting January 1, next year, said Dragos Doros, president of the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF.) The paper tax statements will be completely removed.

ANAF will start a campaign this fall to inform taxpayers about the online tax submission. It will distribute flyers to tell taxpayers about their options, reports

About 85% of the taxpayers currently submit their tax declarations on-line, Doros said. He added that some people will dislike the change, but it’s necessary to carry out the reform. It will be easier for everybody, he added.

Tax declarations can be submitted online using a digital certificate issued by an accredited provider. Such a certificate costs a few tens of euros and can be used by several people and companies.

Individuals can also use ANAF’s application Private Virtual Space (SPV) to submit tax statements.

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