Romanian Government to allocate THREE MILLION EUROS for modernization of Moldovan kindergartens

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved in its meeting today, February 22nd, the list of kindergartens that will benefit from the financial support from the Romanian Government for renovation of the  infrastructure. There will be a total of 83 kindergartens that will benefit from the renovation.

Thus, the Romanian Government will provide three million euros in the form of financial aid, and the Moldovan Government will come up with an additional contribution of four percent of the amount

The financial resources will be used for the modernization of the heating system, windows, roofs, purchase of furniture, build of playgrounds for children.

At the same time, two new kindergartens will be opened in Bacioi and Sangera villages. 

"Relations with our neighbors, both Romania and Ukraine are very important. When we are going through a difficult time, they are the ones helping, just like Romania did last year" , said Pavel Filip.

Between 2014 - 2016, the amount of 23 million euros for kindergartens in all districts of the country will be allocated. 

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