Romanian Government offers 5 million euro for renovation of 36 kindergartens in Moldova

The Government approved on Wednesday, 24 august 2016, two memorandums for granting irredeemable financial support for Moldova, in amount of 5 million euro, for the renovation and supply of 36 kindergartens, and for the financing of some programs destined to local communities.

First of the documents foresees the ending of the Cooperation on 2016 between Romanian and Moldovan Governments, which will constitute the legal basis for granting the amount of 3 million euro as irredeemable financial support for the renovation and supply of 85 kindergartens in Moldova.

The list of proposed kindergartens to benefit from financial support was established by Moldovan authorities. These funds are added to the 23 million euro transferred for kindergartens in two stages:

  • in 2014 – 20 million euro through the Agreement between the Governments of the two countries on the implementation of the  technical and financial assistance program in amount of 100 million euro. From these funds have benefitted 774 kindergartens, in which are registered 72,000 children
  • 3 million euro through official assistance for development – financed works are still going on and are targeting 36 kindergartens.

Through the second memorandum, will be given 2 million euro for the financing of some programs directed to local communities, respectively:

  • 1 million euro through the Regional Development Agencies in Moldova, for rural infrastructure works in 20 localities proposed by Chisinau authorities.
  • 1 million euro through Social Investments Fund in Moldova for 15 investment projects in public works for local communities.
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