Romanian from Moldova vote for the European Parliament deputies

Today, Romania elects its deputies to represent the country in the European Parliament. The polling stations opened at 7:00 in the morning and will be closed at 21:00. The Romanian citizens who are 18 years of age and who hold a valid identity card are expected to be in the polls. 36 sections were opened for Moldovan citizens in Moldova. 12 of them are in, one in Durlesti, two in Balti and 18 in the other districts.

Even from the early hours of the morning, several inhabitants of Chisinau sat in queues to vote.

"I came up with the best thoughts. I came to vote hoping for a better time."

"We want our vote to contribute to the evolution of the rule of law in Romania, to make the situation in Romania stable, predictable and certain."

"We are expecting a quick union of two Romanian states. When we enter the family we will go together and hope to be better, not to the grandchildren, to the grandchildren."

Some voters came with Romania's flag and others wore national-style clothes.

"There are not many occasions to dress a goat, but today is an extraordinary occasion. We all are looking for a good thing." We want a civilized community. "

Representatives of the polling stations say that the voting process takes place without any deviations.

"The voters come, they sit down in order, and everybody comes with valid documents, passports or identity cards." There are only six people in the electoral bureau, "said Adrian Berezintu, chairman of the polling station no. 251

Polling stations will close at 21:00.

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