Romanian carmaker Dacia sets new sales record in 2016

Romanian car producer Dacia sold a total of over 584,200 motor vehicles at global level last year, up 6% compared to 2015, according to

This marks a new record for the Romanian brand. In 2014, Dacia first managed to exceed the threshold of 500,000 units at global level.

Last year’s sales amounted to EUR 7 billion, considering an average price of EUR 12,000. In Romania, Dacia sold 38,600 motor vehicles last year, and kept its leader position on the new car market.

France remained Dacia’s largest market, with over 112,000 units sold. Dacia is the fifth best-selling car brand in France, with a 4.62% market share. In Spain, the producer sold more than 54,000 units, and had a market share of 4.13%.

Dacia also sold 52,000 cars in Italy, 51,000 in Germany, and over 26,500 in the UK. Poland and Belgium are two other big European markets for the Romanian carmaker, with close to 19,000 units sold in each of these countries.

Dacia recorded a market share of 2.8% in the EU at the end of 2016. The car registrations totaled 413,500 motor vehicles, up 36,000 units compared to 2015.
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