Romanian Ambassador: Government of Romania has financed many projects in Moldova without receiving a word of thanks

Despite larger investment Romania has made to Moldova compared to Russia, many Moldovans still believe Russia to be one of the main Moldova's investors. The Romanian Ambassador Daniel Ioniţă felt quite disappointed at this fact. 

"On the way to Soroca today, I noticed a huge panel writing "It was built with the help of American citizens". Traveling through Moldova often, I have not seen any project built by Russian money", said Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniţă. 

In this context, the diplomat recalled nearly 1000 kindergartens in Moldova had been repaired in the past years with money offered by the Bucharest government. 

"Major projects were financed by Romania and then, it's unknown, I understand this point. My heart hurts when I received questions from Romania - what do you do? why do you finance kindergartens in Moldova while you have lots of unfinanced kindergartens in Romania. I had an embarrassing situations last year when a child died falling into a septic tank right in the school yard. Yet the Government of Romania has financed many projects in Moldova without receiving a word of thanks".

According to him, the Bucharest authorities will change the logic of financing for Moldovan projects from now on. 

"At least for a while we will be very careful with whom we will work, because we want the citizens who are the real beneficiaries of these projects to be citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

When you arrive in Chisinau, you will be surprised even as a foreign diplomat to see how many beautiful villas there are, expensive cars running, given that the salary in the Republic of Moldova is very low. It is an awful discrepancy, however, it still asks for international money, "said the ambassador.

"You know what the former US Ambassador said? The Americans build roads, the Romanians repair kindergartens but Moldovans vote for Russia", added Daniel Ioniţă. 


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